Baby Massage & Reflexology In Surbiton & Epsom

Baby Massage & Reflexology is a wonderful way to comunicate with your baby.

It is calming and relaxing for both Parent and Baby and learning in a group is a great way of meeting other new parents.

Benefits Of Baby Massage & Reflexology

·        Builds a loving bond between Parent and Baby

·        Encourages both Parent and Baby to relax

·        Helps to relieve discomfort of colic and wind

·        Boost the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems

·        Helps with constipation and teething

·        Helps babies to improve both sleep patterns and quality of sleep


Class Details

4 week course consisting of 45 - 60 minutes each week, held at Ace Osteopath Clinic in Surbiton, Surrey.


Classes are baby led so feel free to stop and feed/change baby etc (I will have a couple of spare dolls to use if your baby is asleep and you dont want to disturb them)


Each week you will learn to massage different areas and re cap the previous massage moves.


The class incorporates Baby Reflexology and a Baby Reflex routine will be taught in the last lesson.


Suitable from 6 weeks to 6 months (pre crawling)


Classes are dependant on demand and will run accordingly, details will be on the website and my Facebook page.


Course Fees: £40 including massage routine sheet, organic oil and post class support. Deposit of 50% is required to secure your place with the remainder due at the first class.


Classes can be held in your own home with a minimum of 3 other babies (perfect for nct groups)


1-1 and Dad's only classes available, please contact me for further details.

Now Taking Bookings For Next Baby Massage & Reflexology Course. Starting On Tuesday 5th June 10.30am at Ace Osteopaths. Please email for further details