Fertility Issues

Many couples can face fertility problems which may be as a result of ovulation problems, sperm quality or sperm count, clotting disorders and many, many more. Sometimes there doesn’t appear to be a reason at all.

Getting pregnant depends on many psychological and physical factors as well as lifestyle. Being relaxed is important because stress is a major block to becoming pregnant, more people get pregnant during holidays/vacations due to the lack of stress.

After a long period of trying to concieve, couples may be referred to a fertility specialist and undergo investigations and possible treatment to help them concieve.

Reflexology may be immensely beneficial to those undergoing assisted fertility treatment because it is so relaxing, balancing and calming.

For couples under the care of a speacialist it is recommended that you discuss the possiblity of reflexology before booking a session.

How Can Reflexology Assist In Conception?

Reflexology can help with conception in many ways for both partners. Although it is more common for women to seek alternative therapies, men can benefit too!

  • Reflexology can help prepare a healthy, balanced environment for pregnancy

  • Reflexology can encourage ovulation

  • Reflexology can help reduce yours and your partner's stress levels

  • Reflexology can contribute to the restoration of hormonal balance

  • Reflexology can encourage healthy sperm production

    The Association of Reflexologists report on their website that “… on average about 50% of clients seeking help through Reflexology for infertility, find themselves pregnant within 6 months of commencing treatment.”(www.aor.org.uk). 

Reflexology During Assisted Conception

The process of going through assisted conception can also cause emotional and physical problems, which in turn do not allow the body to be in the optimum state for a successful procedure. 

The predominant issues are  physical stress on the body from synthetic drugs, emotional stress and exhaustion from the whole process and the desire to conceive.

The balancing and calming qualities of fertility reflexology help to complement the medical procedures.


It is recommended that reflexology and other lifestyle changes such as nutrition are started three months prior to commencing any medical procedures to reduces stress and to give your body the best opportunity to produce good quality eggs. 

Reflexology can be very beneficial at most stages of the process which is explained below.

The process of assisted conception usually starts with drugs to regulate the hormonal system where the reproductive system is shut down.

Reflexology can help with detoxing in this period and may help with reducing some of the side effects.


The next stage is the stimulating phase to ripen follicles for egg collection. 
I usually recommend a session within 2 days of egg collection as this is a really important time to reduce the stress hormone cortisone.
Cortisone does not support a hospitable womb environment for implantation, so it’s important to be as healthy and relaxed as possible prior to the implantation.


At the stage of implantation, reflexology is usually stopped, but can be continued to help with stress reduction, leaving out the uterus and associated reflexes.