Maternity Reflexology Therapist Surbiton & Epsom

How can Maternity Reflexology help? 


Maternity Reflexology is non invasive and suitable at any time in pregnancy, during the 1st trimester it is beneficial for severe morning sickness, anxiety and headaches.
In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, Maternity Reflexology treatments can help with most ailments and discomforts brought about by your pregnancy (sciatica, constipation, heartburn, back pain, anxiety etc). Regular maternity  reflexology treatments during pregnancy can relax you and prepare your body for labour and birth.  
Maternity Reflexology is recommended from at any time but is particularly beneficial on a weekly basis from 30-32 weeks as this will encourage a natural labour.



What can it do?
Research shows that women who have received regular reflexology treatments throughout their pregnancy will tend to:
- have more natural, unassisted births
- comparatively shorter labours

- faster recovery after surgery

From 37 weeks on, reflexology treatments are intensified in order to encourage the production of hormones and the activation of the processes of labour and thus bring on the natural onset of labour.

How often?

Please be aware that one isolated reflexology treatment might not in itself help trigger labour. It is advised to plan pre labour treatments if your intention is to induce natural labour. Weekly or fortnightly treatments are recommened from 30 weeks (if fortnightly this should be increased to weekly from week 37)

After week 39, two treatments a week might be needed. After 40 weeks, you may be advised to have a treatment every 2 or 3 days, even daily treatments if you so wish.


Reflexology can help with post-natal recovery by re-balancing your body's hormones and help with the production of prolactin that helps initiate and maintain the production of breast milk.

It can also help strengthen the spine which is compressed during pregnancy.

Most importantly it can relax you in the early weeks of a new baby.

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