Pregnancy Massage In Epsom, Surbiton & Surrounding Areas

Although pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, it comes with many changes to the body which can put pressure on the joints, ligaments and organs which can cause discomfort and pain.

Pregnancy Massage can reduce aches and pains and other common health problems.

Research shows that the baby can also benefit from massage as 'feel good' endorphins are released by the mother during massage are passed onto the baby.




Some Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Increased Circulation - this can help distribute essential nutrients and fluid to the organs and placenta.


Lymphatic Drainage - eliminates toxins and helps reduce odema (swelling) 


Induces Deep Relaxation - can aid peaceful sleep, reduce anxiety and create a sense of well being


Releases Muscular Tension in the upper back, shoulders, lower back and hips Can also ease the discomfort of sciatica and Symphasis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD) 


Other common complaints that are often alleviated are: heartburn, shortness of breath, constipation, balances blood pressure and helps reduce nausea. 


What Happens During a Session?

Pregnancy massage includes the back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, face and scalp and also bump if mum to be is comfortable with it. 


Most pregnancy massages are performed side lying on a massage couch, but I can offer an alternative not widely available and that is a bump bag (originally from Australia)  this unique piece of equipment enables mum to be to lay on her front with bump safely supported. 

The benefits are obviously that you can lay on your front but it also means no climbing on a couch as the massage is performed on the bump bag on the floor. 


*Please note most clients find this comfortable up to the end of pregnancy but I recommend booking in before 37 weeks if possible